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Learn WordPress Plugin Development with Jeff Starr

Learn how to build, extend, and distribute your own plugins with these development techniques, featuring the WordPress API and PHP. Learn how to create menus and a settings page, add custom functionality with JavaScript, and style your plugin with CSS. Discover how to customize the WordPress loop, add custom fields and metaboxes, and work with transients, HTTP, WP Cron, AJAX, and the REST API. Plus, learn how to adjust roles and permissions to keep your plugins secure.


Jeff Starr
Jeff Starr is a professional web developer and book author with over 15 years of experience. Jeff works with WordPress every day, designing themes, developing plugins, and securing sites. His books include Digging into WordPress, WordPress Themes In Depth, and The Tao of WordPress. Jeff actively develops over 20 WordPress plugins and has published over 1,000 WordPress articles around the web.